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Sunday Services


During our 10:00am worship service, we worship God through with a blend current worship songs, hymns and older choruses, accompanied by a full rhythm section. Children from kindergarten through sixth grade worship with their families for the first part of the worship service, then they are dismissed to their classrooms. Our worship through song is followed by our pastor(s) faithfully teaching God’s Word normally through one of the books of the Bible. We participate in Communion the first Sunday of each month. The nursery for ages 0-2, the Pre-K for ages 3-4 and children’s church for kindergarten – sixth grade are all available during this service.


Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)


ABFs are mid-sized groups that meet on Sunday morning to provide “a place to belong and a place to grow.”  These groups provide a great first step for those who are new to the church or to growing in the Lord.  A great place to meet and connect with others in our church.  You’ll find encouragement, fellowship, prayer, and excellent teaching.  View our adult ministries page for a list of current ABFs.

Transition Update


Lead Pastor Search Process is the first order of business for the Elders. With the assistance of Pastor Rick Hart of Ambassador Network, we have begun the process of evaluating and updating the search process, documents and beginning to consider potential members of our next search team. It is very important that the Elders complete the work before seating a search committee to help facilitate a fast and focused search. We are working as quickly as we can to get these things done so we can get the search for our next Lead Pastor started. The following steps are currently being taken toward this end:

  • Review of previous search process is well underway.
  • Review of previous search documents is complete and ways to strengthen them have been presented to the Elders. Three initiatives have been identified as needed revision or update.
    • The first suggested improvement is to include the strengths of our current staff members, Elders and key ministry leaders. Our staff is quite different from what it was like a year ago.
    • Another need is the review and update of our Mission, Vision and Values documents.
    • The final step, before seating a search team, is to update all of the search documents (Church Profile, Community Profile, Pastor Profile, etc.)
  • Assessment of the strengths of our current staff and Elders has begun.
  • The other two initiatives are next on our agenda.

Please, be praying. And be patient. These first steps will take a little time. We can’t be in a rush if we want these items to be the best tools possible for our search team to succeed in finding the best fit for our church and get it done in a relatively short time frame. The hope is that this up-front work will speed up the search process by giving the search team very specific guidelines for their search.


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